Top Candy Picks for a Sweet Spring

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As the vibrant colours of spring bloom in Edmonton, so does our selection of mouthwatering candies at Carol's Quality Sweets. Embrace the season of sweetness with our top candy picks that promise to delight your taste buds and add a burst of joy to your springtime celebrations.

Easter Candy Corn: A Rainbow of Soft Sweetness

Indulge in the whimsical world of our Easter Candy Corn – a colourful treat that adds a touch of magic to your spring festivities. Soft and sweet, these candy corns carry the same classic taste but with a twist. Made with egg whites and honey, they are crafted to ensure a delightful combination of flavours in every bite.

Marshmallows Dipped in Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate: Grant's Handmade Classic

Experience the nostalgia of old-fashioned marshmallows handcrafted by our very own Grant Logan. Each marshmallow is carefully dipped in rich, dark/milk chocolate, creating a perfect blend of soft and indulgent textures. It's a timeless treat that reflects the passion and expertise of our candy-making legacy.

British Sweets: A Taste of UK Delight

  • Cadbury Double Decker: Unwrap the layers of delight with British Cadbury Milk Chocolate, featuring nougat on the top and a crispy rice bottom. It's a heavenly blend of textures and flavours that transports you to chocolate paradise.
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo: Immerse yourself in the lusciousness of British Cadbury Milk Chocolate with an Oreo Cookie Cream Center and Oreo Cookie Crumbles. It's a divine combination that satisfies the cravings of chocolate and cookie enthusiasts.
  • Mega Sours Assorted: Brace yourself for a burst of super sour delight with these assorted hard candies from England. A prepackaged assortment of mega sours guarantees a thrilling taste adventure.

Retro Candy: Nostalgia in Every Bite

  • Candy Crystal Candy Sticks: Revel in the joyous crunch of jagged crystals featuring delightful flavours, available in multiple colours. It's a trip down memory lane with every crystal candy stick.
  • Fun Dip (LIK-M-AID) By WONKA: Dive into the fun with hard candy sticks paired with three flavoured powders to dip and eat. Enjoy the classic flavours of Grape, Cherry, and Razzapple straight from the factory packaging.
  • Laffy Taffy Cherry: Unwrap chewy goodness with Wonka's Cherry Flavored Laffy Taffy, factory packaged for freshness. It's a chewy, cherry-infused delight that brings smiles with every bite.

Elevate Your Spring with Irresistible Sweets from Edmonton's Premier Candy and Chocolate Haven 

Springtime is in full swing, and so is the celebration of sweetness at Carol's Quality Sweets. From classic favourites to international delights, we've got something for everyone. Visit our Old Glenora store today and let the flavours of spring unfold in every delightful bite. Indulge, share, and make this spring a season to remember with Carol's Quality Sweets – where every candy tells a sweet story.

Visit Carol's Quality Sweets today and make your spring sweeter than ever!

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