About Us

We are a family operated Candy and Chocolate business in Edmonton. There is nothing artificial about Carol's Chocolates. We use Chocolate from Belgium, real cream, natural flavours and real liquors, following old family recipes to create extraordinary taste treats.  Our store is located in Old Glenora area of Edmonton. We have been in the business over 30 years.

If the smell of chocolate doesn't lure you in, all the jars of brightly coloured candy will. With stock more than 1,000 varieties of chocolates and candy. You'll have loads of fun making your selection. Do you love chocolate? Whether is is a Carolmilk caramel, a champagne truffle or a piece of pure, dark, milk or white chocolate, you'll surely win.

Owners Grant and Carol Logan have been making sweets for 30 years, including special treats from the past, such as Grant's original marshmallow and crunchy peanut brittle. They want only the best for their customers.

We have large selection of British imported sweets, Dutch licorice, Haribo candy from Europe, sugar free candy and chocolate, the hottest new kid candy, soap candy, Ganong chicken bones, licorice pipes and the list goes on, this sweet shop rivals Willy Wonka's factory.

At easter time, handmade chocolate bunnies are beautifully hand-decorated Easter eggs line the show cases, bringing back memories from your childhood. Christmas brings a wonderland of chocolate shapes, ribbon candy, old-fashioned mixed candy, barley toys and sweets from around the world. No matter the time of year, a gift basket of sweets from Carol's makes an awesome gift for any occasion:birthday; get-well, anniversary or corporate. You won't want to forget Carol's when planning a wedding. The chocolatiers create sweet bridal flavours that are both memorable and delicious. Stop by Carol's Quality Sweets and explore all the options we have to offer!